Happy 2023! Let's Have a Bloody Good Time.

About us

We’re Longbottom, a small company on a mission to become the tomato juice brand the world needs: one that’s fresh, pourable and perfect every time.

Why are we doing this? Well, it’s about bloody time! While folks all over the world are demanding more from brands, such as better ingredients, thoughtful flavours and sustainable packaging, the world of tomato juice has remained stale. That’s where we come in! We offer better ingredients, better flavors and better-for-the-planet packaging. 

Everything But The Vine

Longbottom is made from Canary and Pear tomatoes from Southern Spain, known for their sweet and balanced flavour. They’re squeezed within two hours from the tomato orchards, for optimal freshness. Plus we add our unique flavour blend created with natural ingredients, like red pepper, onion, spices, olives, capers, plant-based Worcester sauce, and scotch bonnet. Our drinks are proudly straight from the land to the can.

Plant-based All The Way

Did you know that most Bloody Marys aren’t plant-based, as they have anchovies in the Worcestershire sauce? No fishy business here! Our super-talented, super-creative food scientist, Paul, has mastered the art of the vegan Worcestershire sauce. It’s an essential ingredient that adds a crucial depth of flavour for the perfect Bloody Mary.

We All Bloody Love Brunch

Brunch. It's for birthdays and baby showers and “I haven't seen you in so long." Some say it was born from the British tradition of feasting after a hunt, others say it comes from the Catholic tradition of fasting before church and breaking that fast with a large meal. New Yorkers say it came from the rich breakfast and lunch choices after a long night out. 

We’re pretty persuaded by the British theory, but then again, we might be biased. While brunch might have started off as a rather stuffy affair, today it’s anything but. Brunch has become “the” scene at hotels and restaurants offering decadent spreads with signature morning cocktails such as Bloody Marys and DJs adding to the vibe. The ritual has come full circle, from High Tea to Hip Hop.


Alright, we’re about to get a bit nerdy but there is some fascinating science behind why a Bloody Mary tastes SO good at 30,000 feet. What we consider “flavour” is underpinned by complex neural inputs and multisensory experiences, presenting some intriguing implications between the environment in which we consume food & drink and our perception of its taste. 

Researchers at Oxford and Cornell University have found that sound can distort our sense of taste. This is because the vibrations from sound waves cross our eardrum, part of which is linked to our tongue (and hence taste buds). Loud sounds especially suppress sweet and salty but enhance umami flavours. Tomato juice is packed with umami, making it one of the few things we can really taste while amongst the cabin noise and roar of the engines. This explains why a good 27% of drinks ordered on airplanes are tomato juice!




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