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What’s inside

What are the main ingredients?

We keep things real! We use fresh tomatoes and natural ingredients that you can pronounce. No bloody nonsense!

Where are the tomatoes from?

We use Canary and Pear tomatoes, known for their sweet and balanced flavour, from Southern Spain. Freshly squeezed within two hours of the tomato orchards where they are grown, to retain optimal freshness.

Is there alcohol in your drinks?

Our Virgin Mary’s got spirit enough without the alcohol and is 0% ABV but with a good slug of vodka you’ve got a mean Bloody Mary. Or simply buy our ready-mixed Bloody Mary, which is 6.1% ABV.

Is it spicy?

Our drinks have a good kick, but aren't too hot.

We also make a hot sauce! We’ve set out to make this the nicest, not the hottest. For good measure (and a lovely kick), we add a splash of this to all our tomato drinks. Made from scotch bonnet chilli, red pepper and tomatoes, we encourage it to be used liberally on everything.

Is Longbottom gluten-free?

Yes! All our drinks are fully gluten-free.

Is Longbottom vegan?

It is! We’ve managed to make our drinks completely plant-based and gluten-free by making our very own Worcester sauce. Fantastic-tasting drinks for everyone. Cheers!

Are there any allergens?

None! We make our own Worcester sauce to ensure our drinks are fully gluten-free. And unless you garnish your Bloody Mary with a stick of celery - you won’t find any anywhere near our drink.

How to drink it

How should I drink Longbottom?

Just crack and pour, straight out of the can. Best served chilled over ice with a stick of celery to chomp on. Bloody good and properly spiced! The only real decision to make is whether to add liquor. And how much.

How do you make a perfect Bloody Mary?

Crack open a can of Longbottom Virgin Mary and pour into a glass over ice. Add a double shot of vodka, give it a good stir and add a stick of celery to chomp on. Timeless.

I’m not a vodka fan. Can I mix Longbottom with other spirits?

We’re glad you asked! As a matter of fact, there is a huge range of variations on the Bloody Mary - from a Bloody Maria (with tequila) to a Red Snapper (with gin). Check out our Recipes for tips.

Why does Longbottom come in cans?

We’re the only real tomato juice in a can! We’re currently only selling our drinks in this format as it ensures the juice stays fresh and because cans have excellent sustainability credentials. Aluminium cans are infinitely recyclable and light, resulting in lower C02 emissions from transport.

Where to shop

Where can I find Longbottom?

Check out our stockist locator here. We’ve got some great places in there!

Where do you ship to?

Please see our delivery page here for full details. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions!

I want to stock up on Longbottom. Is there a larger format?

We’re currently only sold in 250ml cans but constantly innovating ways to answer consumer needs. In the meantime, why not buy a whole case? That’s 24 bloody good and properly spiced cans of Longbottom real tomato juice!

How to Store it

How should I store my Longbottom cans?

Store unopened cans in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. You know the drill.

Do I need to refrigerate the can? 

Only if it’s been opened. If so, keep refrigerated and consume within 24 hours. Or simply store them in the fridge for a cold Virgin Mary, ready to be cracked and poured into a glass when desired. 

How long can I keep an open can in the refrigerator?

We only use fresh tomatoes and real ingredients, which is why it can’t (and shouldn’t) last forever. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 24 hours.

What’s the shelf life?

18 months from production date. Cans help keep it fresh and flavorful!

Work with us

How do I start selling Longbottom in my store?

Great to hear you’d like to work with us! Please contact us at sales@longbottom.co and we’ll get in touch.

How do I start selling Longbottom in my restaurant/ bar?

Great to hear you’d like to work with us! Please contact us at sales@longbottom.co and we’ll get in touch.

Make the world tomato obsessed? I’m in! How do I join the team?

We’ve got a fantastic team but are always keen to hear from new talent. Please contact us at hello@longbottom.co if you’re interested in joining our team.

Who do I speak to about brand partnerships/ sponsorships?

Please drop a message to partnerships@longbottom.co with details about what you had in mind and our team will get back to you!




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